A downloadable game for Windows

Susan is a girl sent to a horrific fort to rescue an individual who is known as Wheely.

*controller support*

BUG FIXED (won't crash at the start)


Arrow keys === movement

X === Jump

C === Attack

V === Charm


X === Jump

Square === Attack

Circle === charm


Susan (bug fixed) 19 MB


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1) The ruffled skirt respawns every time you reenter the chamber. Got 40 DEF and I became unkillable.

2) Looked everywhere, couldn't find the boss

first, thank you for playing!

1. I know about that, didn't have time to fix and update. (I'm planning on a complete remake, because it doesnt actually have a good map.)

2. You gotta search the room where you got the bra after getting the second flower!

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