A downloadable game for Windows

Some universes are much more chaotic than ours!

And you are going to enter one of them!

Deep inside one of its galaxies there's system which has gone berserk. planets are storming to their sun, as if they're trying to hunt it down. Surprisingly the star has teleport ability and can change its position within a specific radius. 

Now you must help the sun to teleport to safest spots possible. Meanwhile collect little stars to get more SCORE!!!


Aim with mouse

Left click to teleport


Mars, the Bringer of War - Gustav Holst


Space Madness.rar 27 MB


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Wow great game!

I love the classy style and the  music

Great Idea and concept!

I am making a new game called what awaits

here is a sneak peak

So Stay up to date!


i love the font chosen it makes everyone look like they're yelling lmao